May 26, 2024

What to wear and what to not wear in Dubai?

What to wear and what to not wear in Dubai

Since Dubai has become a hub of pretty much everything the world has to offer, people from all around the globe are coming to reside here. That is why you would find many property for sale in Dubai, including city walk apartments for sale in Dubai, and a lot more. However, with so many cultures and backgrounds blending into one another, some challenges might surface, particularly when it comes to dressing.

Like any other place in the world, the culture, location and weather of Dubai greatly impact what you should or should not wear in the city.  If you are visiting Dubai, keeping in mind these factors as they play a vital role in determining what you should go in your suitcase what should just remain to hang.

To give you some friendly advice regarding the clothes you should wear in Dubai, we have written this blog for you.

Day to day dressing in Dubai

Whether you are visiting Dubai for the first time or you are used to coming here, the weather of the city is very hard to get immune to. That is because it is a dessert with a temperature count of over fifty degrees celsius during the day and twenty degrees cold at night.

Naturally, in a place as hot as this, one is tempted to strip it all off, but you must remind yourself that it is a Muslim country with solid traditional values. Therefore exposing too much skin here is no different than asking for unwarranted attention.

Fortunately, unlike many other Muslim states, here in Dubai you have a happy medium, so not everything is frowned upon. In public places such as malls and offices, you are expected to wear modest clothes with sort of sleeves that cover most of your arms and a dress that at least covers your knees.

There are formal guidelines published by the Government against attires that are too tight or too short so if you want your trip to start and end on pleasant terms, refrain from certain kinds of dresses at all costs.

Although, like any other place in the world, there would people who would dress how they please and so can you. However, in that case, one should bear in mind, that authorities can approach you or you would be asked to either cover up or leave.

Dressing for beach

Fortunately, Dubai is a safe place to get your tan, therefore like every other place in the world, swimming suits and bikinis are forbidden here. Gladly, there is no restriction on your happy flip-flops, so you can get comfortable for the beach as you would please.

What to wear for the nightlife of Dubai?

Dubai is a restrictive place during the day but just when the sun starts to set, it feels as though all the restriction are gone with the sun!

The nightlife of Dubai is the most liberal one in the world, where one can wear anything.

Just as the night arrives, the young and beautiful are seen emerging from everywhere in their short skirts and skyscraper heels.

As matter of fact, stepping out in the nightlife of Dubai is much of a fashion affair. If you are not dressed right for the night, you would probably not be allowed any entry in high-end clubs.

The rules are a bit lenient on women, however, if you are a man who is not looking exactly sharp, you might go through some unpleasant confrontations.

Dressing up for the Desert

Dressing up for deserts in Dubai demands a bit of skill because too much heat would want you to dress less, however, the dust would make you feel like covering yourself more. Furthermore, the trouble with deserts is that, when they are hot they would be too hot and if they are cold they would be too much cold.

If you have plans for desert dining and overnight camping under the glittering stars, pack some warm clothes and adequate sleeping bags. The nights here can get so cold that you can virtually shiver to death.

Another thing that you need to be wary of is your footwear, you can not expect yourself to stroll around the sandy desert with your sandals. Therefore, whether you are visiting the desert at night or day, make sure that you are wearing to have proper boots.

As you can tell, Dubai is not exactly a restrictive city as some Europeans and Westerners think. As a matter of fact, it is a super adventurous and colourful place to live, so wait no more and rent one of property for rent in Dubai.