June 19, 2024

What Do Various Fraction Types Tell Us?

Fraction Type

Fraction is an important concept in mathematics. They tell us how much we need as a whole. Many pupils around the globe find it quite difficult to tackle various fraction problems. This is due to the complexity and variables involved in them. But a special thanks to Guest Blogging service that has proposed a free online fraction calculator that lets you know how to divide fractions instantly. How does it sound to you? Really great? Yes, it is!

Okay well… Let’s gaze at various types of fractions and get to know what they describe.

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Fraction Types:

Get going through the following kinds of fractions that are broadly used in mathematical analyses. Moreover, the best fraction calculator also simplifies these fractions in a blink of moments. Let’s have a look!

Proper fraction:

A particular fraction type in which the numerator becomes larger than that of the denominator is known as the proper ratio.

For example:

If Jack  has 8 slices of pizza and he ate only 2 of them, then he actually ate 2/8 part of the whole pizza. Now look at the fraction 2/8, in which the upper part is smaller and the lower one is larger. This kind of fraction is the proper one and can instantly be resolved by letting the best multiple fraction calculator.

Improper fraction:

Now contrast to the proper one, if the numerator of the ratio becomes larger than its denominator, the resulting fraction is said to be the improper one.

For example:

In an exhibition,  Henry is allowed to display a maximum of his paintings in the number 2. but he actually displayed 5 paintings. So the fraction here became 5/2, which is an improper one.

Like Fractions:

When two or more fractions yield the same results after simplification, then they are regarded as the like fractions.

For example:

Let’s say we have a couple of couples. One couple buys 2/8th of the candies stock for their children. The other couple also does the same. So both couples actually bought 2/8th fraction of the candles. Now if you notice, these fractions are totally like each other. You can also confirm it by using a dividing fractions calculator. Not only this, but converting fractions to decimals can also be done by using this free tool.

Equivalent Fractions:

If the denominators of a couple or more fractions becomes the same, they are termed equivalent

For example:

The fractions 1/8 and 5/8 are equivalent ratios that you can also justify by using a fraction calculator absolutely for free.

Wrapping It Up:

Everyone wants some source or technique that could help him/her to resolve maths problems in no time. But how could it be really possible? Do not worry about it as this is definitely possible due to the best fraction calculator. We are especially thankful to the online calculator that has designed and offered this free tool to use.

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