June 17, 2024

Locksmith Caloundra: Damaged or lost car key?

car key

Modern vehicles are found to have keyless entry. What if you unfortunately lose the car key? Some situations may place you in helpless situations, where you will not have any access to the vehicle. The truth is, mistakes and errors are common and can happen to anyone. But what steps should you take if the key is damaged, broken or lost?

Fast remedy

You need a fast remedy especially if you are stuck in the middle of the road. You just can’t leave behind your vehicle for fear of getting stolen. Such issues are likely to make you feel nervous. This is where you should stay calm and call on the experienced Locksmith Caloundra who can offer quick and reliable solutions.

Things to do if your car keys get lost or damaged

Transponder Keys: This advanced key form is fitted with an inbuilt chip to send signal to ECU. It is necessary to start the car’s engine. The certified locksmiths come with spare keys with similar chips and use it to tune your car.  They are likely to charge a bit high for replacing such keys.

Traditional keys: These are generally found on old cars. This mechanism lacks complexity and hence can be replaced easily. The locksmith can create a duplicate key in very less time. You may be required to invest in the key and an ignition lock cylinder from the automaker. This is if your car fails to accept the locksmith created key. With most old cars being mechanical, their keys can be easily replaced.

Keys attached to Fobs: These are folding keys that are generally used in Hyundai cars. Fobs with folding key mechanism were used. Losing such keys may only mean trouble for its owner. Two alternatives are present. Either use the spare key and drive your car or create a spare fob (key).

Key with external Fob: Even on losing the fob, you may use the key to get inside the car. If the key is lost, you are to call the locksmith. In case you happen to lose both the fob and key, then the locksmith can create the key. Buy the fob later. The Lost Car Keys Sunshine Coast specialists can offer you with some useful recommendations.

Smart Key: The latest cars use this modern version. Push button start and keyless entry is quite popular these days. You can notice increased technological and electronic dependence which means more expenses to bear if the key is lost. A spare or duplicate key will be required to use the car. Otherwise, you will have to tow it to a branded dealership to get the new fob programmed. In case, the dealer does not have a fob ready, then you may need to wait until its arrival. Until then, the car will have to sit idle in a corner.

Take proper care of the keys

Hence, the above are the keys used in cars today. Thus, going through the above will help you to know what you should do if the particular car key gets lost. Do take great care of the keys and ensure having a spare one to avoid unnecessary trouble. The locksmiths can help create a spare key at affordable rates.