June 17, 2024

How to cancel an order on a boat

How to cancel an order on a boat

India-based consumer electronics firm BoAt was founded in 2015 and sells headphones, headphones stereo and power banks for on-the-go use. Co-founders Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta formed Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited, doing business as BoAt, in November 2013.

Founded in November 2013, “Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.” (BoAt) is an Indian-based corporation. Products sold by BoAt include a variety of earbuds, headphones and sound systems.

Products and brands

Wireless headphones, wired headphones, speakers, smartwatches, and other mobile phone accessories are all part of BoAt’s line of audio-focused consumer electronics products.

Wireless earbuds

Airdopes is a brand of wireless earbuds distributed by BoAt. Mid-2020, the MSRP for BoAt’s Airdopes product line is expected to range from $3,999 to $6,999.

BoAt’s Airdopes range of wireless earbuds offers Bluetooth connectivity, which enables fully cordless use, as well as carrying cases that incorporate built-in batteries to charge the wireless earbuds when not in use.

Tethered wireless earbuds

Using the Rockerz and BoAt brands, BoAt sells a line of tethered wireless earbuds. Undiscounted, the MSRP of the wireless BoAt earbuds ranges from $299 to $499 as of mid-2020.

Tethered earphones don’t connect directly to an audio source like truly wireless earbuds (like the audio-out port on a mobile phone, computer, or stereo). There are no batteries, controls or inbuilt processors in the wired versions of tethered wireless earbuds; instead, they are connected through a cable or a band. The connecting wire or band can be worn as a lanyard around the wearer’s neck or behind the head, depending on the model.

Wireless headphones

On-ear and over-ear wireless headphones are also available from BoAt. Undiscounted costs range from 2,990 to 7,990 for the company’s headphones sold under the BoAt, Rockerz, and Nirvana brand names.

BoAt’s headphones, like other wireless headphones, do not connect to an audio source via a wire or cable like other wireless headphones. The audio source can be streamed using Bluetooth on the company’s devices (such as a mobile phone, computer, or stereo system). Lithium ion batteries are built into BoAt’s headphones for playing music wirelessly through Bluetooth.

It is possible to connect BoAt’s wireless headphones to standard headphone jacks (or other audio ports using adapters, which are not provided) through an auxiliary audio cable. When utilizing an auxiliary audio cable to connect headphones to an audio source, the battery charge is not depleted.

Marketing and promotion

BoAt uses a combination of influencer marketing and brand tie-ins with sports teams and public events to sell its products.

Brand advocates at BoAt are known as “BoAtheads.” There are a number of high-profile Indian celebrities, including vocalists Neha Kakkar and rapper Naved Shaikh (known as Naezy), among others, who serve as brand influencers for the company.

The company has partnered with sports teams like the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians in the past to promote its brands. Additionally, BoAt has partnered with music festivals like Sunburn and fashion shows like Lakmé Fashion Week to promote its audio gadgets.

 Steps to cancel the order in boat

 Before your order leaves their warehouse, you have the ability to cancel it.

To cancel the order:

If you have an account:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to manage your order: https://www.boat-lifestyle.com/apps/ret
  • Cancel the desired order.
  • If you don’t have an account, create an account at https://www.boat-lifestyle.com/account/register and follow the steps mentioned above.