May 26, 2024

Jio Data Booster Plans 2021

Jio eSIM

Do you have a Jio sim card? Do you have an issue with Data Exhaustion daily? Jio recharging plans, as we all know, have a daily data cap whereupon the speed lowers to 64Kbps. If you wish to play stuff or view clips on YouTube, this bandwidth is quite slow. Jio Data Booster Plans might come in handy in this circumstance. Jio 4G data vouchers start at Rs. 11 and go up from there. Jio’s Rs. 11 data booster offer has been updated. Users now get access to 1GB of 4G data as part of the subscription. We have specific info on all possible data boosters’ packages for Jio in this article.

What does a Jio data booster mean exactly?

Jio data boosters or Jio add-on packages allow you more data when you need it. Consider the following example: If your current plan’s daily data limit is 1.5GB/day and you have already used it all, you will need to upgrade. Jio Data Booster Packs are designed to meet your increased data needs. If you only need a little amount of data, the Rs. 11 bundle gives 1GB of high-speed internet. If you need extra space, 2GB, 6GB, and 12GB data booster packs are available.

Data Booster by Jio

You may select from a range of recharge rates beginning at Rs. 11. You may receive up to 102GB of high-speed 4G internet with Jio Data booster packs. These data booster options are available in Rs. 11, Rs. 21, Rs. 51, Rs. 101, and Rs. 251 denominations. After you have decided on whatever Jio Data Booster you want, you will need to recharge your phone. Jio Data Booster bundles range in price from Rs. 11 to Rs. 101. Users may get 1GB of 4G data for Rs. 11 with the Rs. 11 bundles. With the Rs. 21 Data Booster bundle, you receive 2GB of data. The Rs. 51 booster pack, on the other hand, provides Jio users with 6GB of data. Reliance Jio’s Rs. 101 data booster pack provides you with 12 GB of 4G data. Jio has just released new data plans for its customers. Furthermore, using the telecom operator’s work from home options, you may increase your daily data allowance.

Validity of Jio Data Booster

Reliance Jio Internet Boost plans of Rs. 11, Rs. 21, Rs. 51, and Rs. 101 has the same validity as your current plan. You can utilize the allocated data until the current plan’s validity expires. The Jio Rs. 251 booster package, on the other hand, has a 30-day validity period. During the validity time, you get a total of 50 GB of data.

What is the best way to utilize Jio data boosters?

Some people wonder, “How do I utilize a data booster?” When your daily data limit is reached, the data booster kicks in immediately. If one regular data restriction is 1.5Gigabytes, the data booster will begin once you have used 1.5GB. Even when your current plan’s permitted data has been used up, you can continue to use high-speed internet.