June 17, 2024

Best Data Recharge Plan for JioFi WiFi Router

Jio WiFi Dongle

If you are such a consumer who is looking for a JioFi recharge, then you must be wondering which JioFi recharge plan will be good for you and which plan can give a good return for your money. You do not need to worry; we have carefully selected the top five JioFi data plans for your WiFi 4G Hotspot Dongle, which can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Reliance Jio is expanding its services to the Telecom and Internet market all over India. In which every day new services are being launched. Where many consumers have considered Jio as their fabric network, many consumers have converted their plan into Jio WIFI 4G Hotspot.

Top 5 Data Plans of JioFi 4G

1-Rs 251 Recharge Plan

2– Rs 349 Recharge Plan

3- Rs 599 Recharge Plan

4- Rs 999 Recharge Plan

5-Rs 2399 Recharge Plan

1- What is the Reliance JioFi Rs 251 Plan?

Let us tell you that Reliance Jio’s Rs 251 prepaid plan is a ‘Work from Home’ 4G data voucher, and it comes with only 4G data, which makes it perfect for use with a 4G Wifi hotspot. In this plan, you get 50GB 4G data, and it comes with a validity of 30 days, let us tell you that there is no restriction on the data used during 1 day, in this, you can get up to 50 GB of data. It can be used in a day or 30 days.

2- JioFi WiFi Rs 349 4G Hotspot Dongle Plan

This plan comes with Rs 349, which has a validity of 28 days, in which you are given 84GB of High Speed 4G data, let us tell you that this data is given for 3GB per day if you pay Rs. If you finish 3 GB data of Jio Wifi, then your internet speed reduces to 64kbps.

3- Reliance Jio Rs 599 plan for Jiofi Wifi 4G Hotspot Dongle

If you need a long validity prepaid plan for your JioFi 4G Hotspot Wifi Dongle, then the Rs 599 plan can be a good option. It comes with 168GB of data with a validity of 84 days and gives 2GB of ultrafast data per day. This plan comes with Unlimited Calls to other Reliance Jio customers, Jio to Non-Jio FUP 3,000 minutes and 100 SMS per day; if you use a JioFi recharge plan of Rs 599 then you can use Jio’s apps and services free.

4- Reliance Jio Rs 999 recharge plan for Jiofi wifi 4G Hotspot Dongle

If you need more data for work or personal use, then Rs 999 plan can be a good plan for you, as it comes with a 3GB 4G High-Speed Data plan every day, whose validity is 84 days. There are days in which you get 84GB every month.

5- Reliance Jio JioFi Wifi 4G Hotspot Dongle recharge worth Rs 2399

Do you want even more data? The amazing JioFi prepaid recharge plan of Rs 2399 from Jio offers 730GB of data for 365 days, which means 2GB of high-speed data is available per day.

Even this plan is available free to read Jio apps and services and news for music and video streaming and comes with Jio Incoming and Outgoing Calls Unlimited and FUP 12,000 minutes and 100 SMS from Jio to other networks.