May 26, 2024

How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost You in India?


Are you worried a lot about not having straight teeth? Do you look for the best treatment to get the picture-perfect smile? If so, then you can consider the clear aligners. Compared to traditional braces, this treatment provides tons of benefits for the patients. In the procedure, a transparent plastic corrective device is used.

But, it is pretty expensive than brackets, metal wires, and rubber bands, which are common in correcting misaligned and crooked teeth. So, this procedure is considered the modernization in tooth alignment. Keep reading to know much about this treatment!

Clear Aligners – What Does It Mean?

Clear aligners are the removable alternative to conventional metal braces. When you obtain this clear and custom-made plastic aligner, you will receive various months’ worth in advance. You have to change them out at the regular interval to assist shift your teeth into the correct position. The whole series of aligners could take up to 9months or even longer according to the amount of alignment required.

Remember that you should reach a reputable dentist in Delhi to get this treatment. They will provide enough assistance to help you achieve the desired result. Those who are hesitant to wear the traditional bracket but wish to straighten teeth and improve their smile can go with the clear aligners. It is the perfect and effective solution for your problem.

Cost Of The Clear Aligners

The clear aligners cost in India is a bit more than traditional braces. However, there is no way to render the exact price without knowing the specific requirements of the patient’s teeth. Therefore, the cost varies according to the teeth’ amount of realignment and the number of aligners required.

Besides, the cost differs based on the individual needs and length of the treatment. If you want to know the exact treatment cost, it is better to speak with your dentist. Many dental insurance plans include clear aligners, and thus you will get the treatment at the lowest price. So, check the dentist whether they accept the insurance and use it properly to gain more benefits.

Benefits Of The Clear Aligners

  • The primary benefit of this treatment is the enhanced aesthetics. It does not showcase the metal appearance in your mouth. You will feel the same even after the treatment, so there is nothing to feel hesitant about.
  • Remove the clear aligners whenever you want, and thus you will love your good and practice good oral hygiene.

If you are thinking about getting a clear aligner to straighten your teeth, engage with the trusted and reliable dental clinic in Delhi. The experienced and skilled dentist will provide the best treatment at an affordable rate.