June 17, 2024

7 Types of Product Photography to Attract Customers Online


If you land on the eCommerce business, the first thing your customers notice is the photos of the product. Apart from eCommerce, photos are playing a major role in attracting the attention of the potential audience.

In simple words, as long as you have high-quality product photos on your site, your customer base will spike up and generate more profit. But, for that, you should ensure obtaining a good product photography service.

Before hiring a commercial photo editing company, you should improve your knowledge regarding this domain.

Product photography – what does it mean?

This photography highlights a specific object and captivates the targeted audience’s interest to make the purchase decision. You will never buy a product that has only descriptive text.

Suppose the site displays the product image along with the description. Then, you will consider it to buy. So, this is where product photography comes in.

Different types of the product photography

  1. Studio photography 

This type of photography is created in the studio. These photos present the object simpler and widely accessed in directories and e-commerce sites.

  1. White background photography 

White background photography is one of the major types of product photography. It portrays the products in a non-distracted way. The photographer uses the shadow to render in-depth information about the products.

  1. Comparative photography

In this photography, a person is placed next to the object to portray the product’s dimension properly. It helps presents the actual size of the product and allows customers to see and compare the product.

  1. Photo composing 

In this photography, the photographer will place the elements related to the product to tell a story and develops the connection with those who witness it. Therefore, it is much appealing and interesting than the object in the white background.

  1. Real environment photography 

It helps present the product in the real environment to reap the best solution. It is mostly accessed in the decoration and fashion area to promote the standard of living and develop empathy with the target audience.

  1. Set photography

If the product has specific features like styles and is sold in various versions, it is preferable to photograph all the aspects in a single image. It helps customers see all the possibilities.

  1. Packaging shot

Packaging is the best thing adding extra vow to the online shopping experience. In this type, the product packaging is photographed in the best manner to attract customers.

Joining hands with the product photo editing company lets you stay away from many potential hassles. With the expert product photo editing service, you can obtain outstanding results within your budget.