June 17, 2024

What do you need to get a salary card?

WestStein prepaid card

For a long time now, salary cards have been used in companies of various sizes and areas of activity. The WestStein virtual card is indispensable when it comes to transferring earnings to employees online and in different countries. In the future, after receiving payment, you can independently make a transfer to another card used in everyday life or study what a salary card from a global financial institution is.

WestStein prepaid card: benefits

Before you apply for a virtual card (or a real plastic card, whichever is more convenient for you) to transfer your salary, you need to understand its features and differences.
From the name it follows that this instrument is a payment instrument, most often prepaid or debit, i.e. provides not only for spending the funds available in the account.

First of all, those who plan to receive different types and purposes of payments should order a Mastercard prepaid card. This can be salary, vacation pay, sick leave, and various social transfers.

An individual salary card allows its owner to receive transfers in euros. This is convenient for freelancers, including if they, for example, work with companies in other countries, and for everyone who simply occasionally or consistently receives transfers in this currency.

You can order a salary card using a special form, which is located on the website and is quite understandable. Basic data is entered into its columns. No confusion.
Among the benefits for employees, payment for using the account is carried out exclusively by employers.
How to apply for a salary card on the WestStein website
Many clients choose to issue a card to receive salary transfers online or digitally.
The offer from WestStein does not include credit limits. And this is also a plus. You won’t be able to spend too much, and you won’t be able to acquire debts either.
When applying for a card to receive salary transfers, you need to contact the managers responsible for this service. To do this, leave a request in the website form or send a message using any of the possible communication methods. You will need to enter your phone number, e-mail, address and your details.

From the moment of registration, you will be able to use a virtual account number, and when the cards are ready, you can use the plastic version for your convenience.