April 13, 2024

Tips for Martial Art Training While Travelling

Tips for Martial Art Training While Travelling

Martial arts is a lifestyle choice for some people.  You may be one of these people who take martial arts quite seriously.

Therefore, to these people, martial art is a part of life and this part of life cannot ever be left behind no matter where they are and what they are doing.

Then again, we must understand that these are people and people take vacations and go out.


Many people around the martial arts community choose to have a training routine and continue their martial arts training during vacation.

These training sessions do not obviously have the same intense workout regimen as if they were practicing where they usually practice but they still practice martial arts with the same conviction.

While this is not a travel guide for martial art lovers, in this blog we will try to help you utilize your martial art skills and do martial arts training even when you are traveling.



If you are someone who is planning to do martial arts training while traveling then this is the first thing you must look for.

You might be traveling due to work or you might be traveling with your family.  You need to make sure that the place you are staying in is large enough.

If you are traveling with your family then try to have a single big room instead of smaller multiple rooms.  This will enable you to have a large space to practice.

While you might not find martial arts gyms in your hotel, a regular gym with space for cardio and aerobics will also be quite fine for you.

If you are staying in a place that is not large enough then we would suggest you either find out a park nearby or an open airy space to continue the training.

However, you must try to avoid places with solid concrete floors as you have the potential of getting hurt.

If you are an expert then every place can be your martial art arena and you can practice practically anywhere.

The parking lot, the roof of the accommodation, etc, the world is your playground.


Packing for a trip can itself be quite challenging and if you have to include the fact that you will also have to practice martial arts during vacation, that can seem quite daunting.

However, you do not need to carry a lot of things with you. You simply need to have a few basic essential things that will help you.

The first and foremost thing is the clothing, try avoiding traditional martial arts clothing as that can draw attention to whatever you are practicing.

Try having light sportswear clothing instead.

You must make sure to pack a pair of good sports shoes along with it because you might never know where you need to practice and you wouldn’t want to harm your foot on any surface.

The third thing that you must pack with you is medicine.  This is not just any medicine but a few painkillers and also maybe a few bandages.

Make sure to carry a water bottle.

This is basically it. The other things are quite normal for you to carry for travel such as a towel and we do not need to mention them.


Practicing martial arts training while traveling is quite rare.  There is a reason why people do not do it quite often.

One of the reasons is that you have to follow the same restriction that you follow at home when it comes to nutrition.

People generally like to eat the local cuisine whenever they are vacationing and they generally like to eat a lot while traveling and enjoy themselves.

This is the most important thing you must keep in mind and that is to have a healthy nutrition plan while you are traveling.

You must avoid anything that is too risky and that might upset your stomach.

If the food manages to upset your stomach that means you will have to cancel your plans for martial arts practice because you will spend more time at the loo.

You must also make sure that you do not consume the water of the area you are visiting because water may have different properties depending on the location and this water might not be suited to you.

Instead, you must keep to the packaged bottle of water.

The important thing you must keep in mind is that traveling is tedious and you might feel tired quite often.

In order to have a portable energy booster, carry some chocolate bars along with you at all times. You can also carry some nutritional energy bars.

These can help you regain your energy quite quickly.

And if you are planning on having alcohol, don’t.


While at your home or at your local martial arts training center you must have a martial arts master that instructs you.

So, if you are going on a vacation we hope you can’t take your martial arts master along with you.

So, what is the solution?

This is a solution that will allow you not only to practice martial arts while traveling but after you return from your trip you will not even want to go to a physical martial art school.

We are of course talking about online martial arts training programs. While 10 or 20 years back this thing was unimaginable but nowadays you can get hold of quite a few reputable online martial arts training programs.

These martial arts training programs like ours at Martial Art Extreme (MAE) will allow you to use any of your smart devices such as your smartphones to take part in online martial arts training programs.

The programs are guided by a martial arts master and the programs are easy to follow and are created in such a way so that you can practice them anywhere you want.

You simply need to have a mobile stand or a tripod or even a desk where you keep your mobile.

Simply rest it facing towards you and play the martial arts videos and start practicing.  It’s that simple.

This was the blog about how you can still practice your martial arts training programs even if you are traveling.  If you are someone who travels a lot and has to go out on business trips quite often with your family then we are here for you.  We are Martial Art Extreme (MAE) and our online martial arts certification program will allow you to practice martial arts everywhere.

We are the fastest-growing online martial art training program provider in India and we hope we will help you digitally.