May 26, 2024

Oxygen Facials: Procedure, Cost & Benefits

Oxygen Facials

A rejuvenating facial has long been the standard for beauty therapies in the cosmetics industry. The latest trend in facials is away from all-purpose facials and toward specialized problem-solving facials. The newest oxygen facial at  Look Young Clinic is designed to efficiently resurface the skin, diminish fine wrinkles, stimulate cellular regeneration, and so delay the aging process.

Therefore, put away your conventional anti-aging creams; it’s time to embrace this new approach to attain the ultimate ‘youthful glow.’

What Exactly Is an Oxygen Facial?

OXYGEN is the most vital ingredient not only for survival but also for skin health. Sensitive or combination skin develops due to an imbalance in the sebaceous glands underneath the skin’s oil production. Unbalanced oil secretion results in creating blackheads/whiteheads, pimples that leave marks and scars, uneven skin tone, and easy tanning.

Oxygen facial is an excellent treatment for balancing the tone and texture of the face by unclogging blocked pores and controlling the skin’s oil production. It is also the most popular facial at Look Young Clinic since the oxygen step is the most soothing ten minutes of the treatment, and it always entices you to return for more!

Oxygen Facial Cost and Benefits 

Accelerates the Rate of Cell Turnover

Are you aware that oxygen is essential for cell regeneration? Our skin cells are constantly dying and renewing, and oxygen infusion facials can accelerate the process. It promotes skin healing and so aids in the repair of acne and its accompanying scars.

Increases the Synthesis of Collagen

Oxygen facials are well-known as an excellent anti-aging therapy. It is because it stimulates the creation of collagen, a protein that helps hold the skin cells together. With age, collagen degrades, and the connection between skin cells weakens, resulting in wrinkles. With its collagen-boosting qualities, an oxygen facial treatment can help counteract this impact.

Eliminates Acne

An oxygen skin treatment stimulates the production of collagen and heals the skin. It implies that it is capable of treating acne and caring for and lightening acne scars.

Skin Detoxifier

This facial not only pumps oxygen into the skin but also aids in the skin’s absorption of all available nutrients. It also contributes to the skin’s detoxification and aids in the elimination of pollution’s adverse effects. As a result, it aids in skin healing.

Enhances the Skin’s Brightness

Oxygen facials restore the skin’s natural brightness by removing all toxins and impurities from the uppermost layer of the skin. Additionally, they treat blocked pores and restore the clarity and color to your cheeks.

Instantaneous Results

Oxygen facials address a variety of concerns, including wrinkles and acne. Additionally, it provides instant results. You will notice a difference immediately following the first session—the cost of the facial ranges between Rs 5000 and Rs 20000.

What’s so special about Look Young Clinic?

The effects of the treatments are long-lasting, and in some cases, permanent because our cosmetologists recommend the appropriate diet and products for each individual’s skin type to preserve and enhance the results.

All Medi facials are custom-designed by our team of experienced dermatologists with extensive expertise in the fields of beauty and anti-aging.

The therapists that do Medi facials at Look Young Clinic are professional and qualified cosmetologists.

Remember, skincare is essential, so let’s get started now! Contact us immediately to discover the incredible benefits of  Oxygeneo facial for your skin.