June 17, 2024

Mustafa game download for PC


As far as we know, it’s the earliest video game ever made. In 1998, Capcom began selling it. Since the beginning of this year, it has gained enormous traction. At the time, it was nearly impossible to find somebody who hadn’t played this particular game.His favourite video games as a child were Mostafa games. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs for PC is the correct name of this game. This is the complete version of the game. Coins are required to participate in the game. However, you may download and play it on your PC for free. Buying coins isn’t necessary. As many times as you like, you can get it for free.

Main Characters

For the most part, this game revolves around a quartet of individuals. Mustapha (famous for his speed) and Mess (famous for their sliding attacks) are among the characters (an angry and powerful character) Mustafa Cadillac and Dinosaurs was one of the most popular games during the convention. Once upon a time, it was a game played on token machines using joysticks. Once known as the Mustapha Token game, it has since been renamed.


In this game, up to three people can play at the same time for the purpose of aiding one another. There are 8 levels in this game A formidable boss must be defeated in order to progress to the next stage.

This game features a total of four different heroes. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for them:

Jack (Balance type)

It’s no secret that Jack Tenrec is a nature lover. In this crew, he’s the boss. His unique ability is called “Sliding Attack.”

Hannah (Skill type)

Scientifically, Hannah Dundee is an exceptional researcher. One of his unique abilities is the ability to use things more effectively and jump higher than most other characters. In addition to his “Triangular Jump,” he has another unique ability:

Mustapha (Speed type)

Engineer Mustapha Cairo possesses a high level of expertise. “Incredible Speed” is his particular ability.

Mess (Power type)

Mess O’Bradovich is a gentle giant. He is the most powerful hero in the story so far. “Flying Lariat” is his unique ability.

You may come across some of the game’s namesake dinosaurs while playing, and they will attack both you and your opponents. If you keep pushing forward, you’ll come across items that will help you win this game. Your health will improve as a result of this. Enemies have greater hit points than players, so weapons can aid in defeating them. Another method for dealing significant damage with adversaries is by throwing weapons at them. A first-person perspective of one of the enemy bosses holds a gun to the player when the player is vanquished. He doesn’t move for about 20 seconds. Upon expiration of this time limit, the player loses all progress made thus far.

Graphics Quality

Since it was developed in 1993, when compared to other games of the time period, this game’s graphics are rather good. In the past, it was only available on token machines because it is a 2D game. However, you no longer need to worry about not being able to play it on your PC anymore.


  • Be able to bring back previous memories.
  • It’s a fast-paced action game with a strong psychological pull.
  • A fantastic time-killer.
  • You and your pals can play together if you want to. Because of the fact that it’s multi-player compatible.
  • The download and installation are free.
  • It’s a straightforward setup.
  • Managing the characters is simple and straightforward.
  • Low-end PCs can play it.


  • In this 2D game, you control a character.
  • As one of the older games, it has low visuals.
  • Game state cannot be saved.