July 23, 2024

Movie Review Jai Bhim

Jai Bhim


‘Jai Bhim,’ directed by Tha Se. Gnanavel is a masterpiece! This is a story that should be told, appreciated, and remembered for a long time.

The film tells the moving story of an upright lawyer coming to the aid of poor, defenseless people from the Irular community.Who has the resources to fight an inhumane police force? It attempts to take advantage of their weakness by committing atrocity after atrocity on them with impunity. It is based on true events that occurred in Tamil Nadu in the 1990s.

What’s Good: The realization that the underprivileged have been victims of terrible crimes committed for no reason. It’s a wake-up call, as the film’s last slide shows that they’re still happening. Suriya’s amazing film choices and Lijo Mol Jose’s heartbreaking performance are self-evident.

What’s Bad: That I had no idea a man with such a famous history existed. The duration bothers me a little.

Watch Or Not:Nothing should stop you from seeing this drama, which once again defies the stereotype of the hero as a messiah. Suriya is making some brilliant film selections, and he deserves all of the credit.

Language: Tamil (with subtitles).

Available on: Amazon Prime Video.

Runtime: 164 Minutes.

Jai Bhim: A Script Analysis:

BR Ambedkar said in his final statement to the Constituent Assembly that India as a republic “would enter into a life of contradictions”. He believed that while we shall be equals in politics (one man, one vote, one value).We will be denied equality in our economic and social lives because of the structures in place. Ambedkar was a strong believer that legal freedom is useless if one did not obtain social liberty. Several decades later, the words are still extremely important as we try to achieve that mission.

Suriya’s latest film, Jai Bhim, reflects the contradictions Ambedkar mentions as well as the horrible pain that follows. Suriya plays Advocate Chandru, who fights a legal battle for Sengeni (Lijomol Jose).A tribal lady whose family is subjected to brutal torture.Without being preachy, the film beautifully carries the responsibilities of being a social, issue-based drama. The writing is brilliant and sharp. However, in the middle of the big hits, the film takes the time to package the smaller smiles. It provides a comprehensive view.

From a joyful life through tragedy and finally the battle to find dignity and empathy in a country that lacks both, the screenplay takes shape.

Jai Bhim: Star Performance Review:

Rajakannu’s wife, Senggeni (Lijomol Jose) (Manikandan, in yet another superb performance). She gets this inspiring moment thanks to her lawyer Chandru.Who is fighting a lonely struggle in the path to justice for her husband’s custodial torture and death (Suriya). Or, more correctly, because of the support of a major Tamil film actor. Is it realistic? No. Is it, however, effective as a self-congratulatory, mass scene? Yes. It’s also a fantastic stretch that expresses the intention.It went into designing such a location in the first place, due to Sean Roldan’s pummeling music. However, something appears to be wrong. At some level, either the desired impact it produces on us or the scene creation feels superficial.


With a strong heart, watch Jai Bhim. This has happened to some people. Many sections of the country have caste politics, and films like this with people like Suriya backing them are important to educate people.