February 27, 2024

Jio WiFi Dongle Recharge Plans

Jio WiFi Dongle

Reliance Jio adds a new face to the whole telecom and internetwork by establishing budget-friendly services. The majority of masses change their carrier to get Jio. On the other hand, some of the users ditched their ISP and opt for the JioFi WiFi 4G hotspots for fulfilling their daily data requirements.

If you are also making the plan of choosing the Jio WiFi dongle, the below-mentioned information is fruitful for you. When you choose this network, you will get different recharge plans. Additionally, if you know those plans, you can able to choose them wisely.

So, to reduce your confusion, here comes the list of various rechargeable plans that you can choose.

Top-3 Reliance JioFi Data recharge plans

Keep the one thing in your mind that, there is no such offer regarding the JioFi WiFi 4G Hotspot routers. But you have the option of choosing any regular Jio plan for recharging the JioFi number. So, you can consider the following plans.

  1. Jio 251 WFH plan

The term WFH stands for the work from home. This plan consists of the 4G data and is ideal for the 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. It comes with 50GB of 4G data and a validity of 30 days. There are no such restrictions that you need to use a specific amount of data per day.

You can use the data as per your requirements. This thing makes it best perfect plan who does the work from home. This plan does not offer the facility of free voice calls, messages, or any kind of subscription.

  1. Jio Rs 349 recharge plan 

If you are looking one step ahead or more than Jio Rs 251 plan, it is the best option. It comes with 84 GB high-speed 4G data. The duration of this plan is 28-days. The data is divided into some parts that mean 3GB per day.

You will enjoy the free calls to different networks. Additionally, you can do 100 SMS per day. Not only this, but you will get access to the different Jio’s ecosystem of applications.

  1. Jio Rs 597 recharge plan 

It is known as the freedom pack from the Jio. If you do not require too much data, you can consider this recharge plan. It has a validity of three months. Additionally, users have 75 GB of data to utilize for three months. If you utilize all the data then the speed of the internet will be 74kbps per second.

Along with that, you will get the benefit of unlimited voice calls to the network and 100 SMS per day. You will get free access to different Jio apps. These apps include JioCinema, JioTV, Jio security, and so on. You will get these benefits if you select this recharge plan.

 In the end, these are three major plans that you can consider. But the list is not ended here but you have several more options that you can keep in your mind. Choose the plan as per your requirements and get plenty of benefits.