April 12, 2024

How to unblock lime torrents?


Lime torrents is a very renowned and popular site which has a large collection of torrent directory. A torrent directory basically is a site which does not host torrent itself, but redirects you to other websites that host the file. If you are looking for a wholesome website that can provide you with links for games, eBooks, movies and music, then this is the best site!

On lime torrents get links almost all the torrented sites. However, if your lime torrents are blocked, the how will you retrieve it? find out answers to this and more in this article.

How to unblock lime torrents?

On lime torrents, one can find a complete directory of different sites which have torrent links to different sites. If you are looking for safe websites, from where you can download games, eBooks, movies, TV series, and more then this is a perfect place for you. It is one such torrent site, which has almost all the torrents listed online.

If you are unable to access lime torrents, then the issue could be with your internet service provider. Many a times the ISP or your country are responsible for blocking such sites which have pirated links. Since lime torrents are blocked in many countries, accessing them requires proxy.  In such a case, one has to go for proxy servers to access lime torrents.

Proxy sites and servers have a simple functioning, they act like an intermediatory between you and the site you wish to visit. Proxy servers can be achieved by using VPN servers. This means that in place of your using your own system identity in the form of IP address, proxy sites address can be used.

This makes it simpler for anyone to access the site. The reason why many people go forward with lime torrent with proxy is because, in most countries either the its banned, or illegal to access.

Is it safe to use lime torrents?

Using lime torrents without hiding IP address or without proxy sites can be dangerous. You get caught in legal matters or fall prey to malicious activities. Moreover, in countries where lime torrents are blocked, it is not advisable to access it without VPNs. Hence one has to take the proper measures before using this site.

One you are confident with using VPNs and hiding the IP address of your site, then you can go forward with using it. There are many sites that one can use as proxy that will unblock lime torrents. They are freely available over the internet and can be used.  The proxy sites do not have any malicious content, and one can easily download what they wish to watch.


Despite torrent files being the easiest to access, they are either blocked out of not legal to access in many countries. The same is the case with lime torrents. However, with proxy VPNs, there is still hope of being able to use them. You can click on any lime torrent proxy site in order to access them easily. In the above article, get to know everything you should about lime torrents.