July 23, 2024

How To Spot Fake Android Apps

How To Spot Fake Android Apps

Android is a popular open-source operating system that allows app developers to release applications on the Google Play Store. Android users can download applications from the Google Play Store onto their devices. Whilst this setup often suits both parties, there are always bad app developers out there to exploit people.

What Are Fake Apps

Android has a known problem with fake applications designed to look genuine. They may even perform the tasks that you downloaded the app for, but they may also download unwanted malware onto your device. Malware can provide hackers with backdoor access to your device,  allowing them to steal your data or even cause damage to your device.

Fake apps can also have financial implications, as they appear to be an investment app that prompts people to deposit money. It is a common problem that investment fraud lawyers are often dealing with as they try to retrieve the money of their victims.

The App Has Poor User Reviews

When looking at Android apps on the Google Play Store you are shown the reviews of users that have already downloaded and used applications. If apps have a significant amount of negative reviews it is safe to assume that they may not offer the best user experience. But it also may be a fake application, be sure to check what people are saying about the app. If other people are claiming that the app did not perform the advertised function at all there is a good chance that the app could be fake.

The App Has A Generic Icon

An application icon is a graphic that you see on your phone as a visual representation of the app. If the icon looks generic or looks rushed compared to the rest of the marketing material tied to the app, it could be a sign that the app is fake.

The App Has Typos Or Grammatical Errors

If either the app or the app description on the Google Play Store has spelling mistakes it could be a sign that the app is a fake application. That is because legitimate applications can take months to develop, which is why it is in the developer’s best interest to ensure that their app looks as professional as possible to make it as attractive as possible to Android users.

Check The Developers Name

By doing a Google search of the application developer you may be able to gain additional information about them. If the application is fake there is a higher chance of the developer having a poor reputation, which will often be talked about somewhere on the internet by unhappy users of the applications that the developer has released. This gives you a good indication that you should avoid the apps this developer produces.

Check The Number Of Downloads

Applications with a lower amount of downloads (less than 10k) should be viewed with more suspicion than applications that have received millions of downloads. However, this is not to say that there are not great apps out there that have lower downloads, just that you should be more cautious when downloading these apps.


Android has plenty of useful and engaging applications, which is why there is a significant demand for applications that make life easier. This has brought the Google Play Store a lot of trust from Android users; however, it is always worth it from a security perspective to vet the apps that you download onto your devices to help ensure that you don’t accidentally download a fake app.