May 26, 2024

How To Improve Shopping Mall Security With Dmm Facility Management

How To Improve Shopping Mall Security With Dmm Facility Management

Shopping malls have become a part of our life that shape the way we function.

Shopping malls generally have thousands of visitors a day and experience extreme footfall, therefore shopping mall security procedures must be of the highest order in order to create a secure environment for commercial shopping mall security.

While many might think that general security steps for every other scenario are applicable for shopping malls as well and that general-purpose security tips may help secure a shopping mall, that is unfortunately not the case.

In order to provide security for a shopping mall, you need to hire competent security guards as well as professional security guard teams who are experienced in the usage of modern technology and solutions in order to make a shopping mall secure and safe.

From robust security processes to balanced security parameters as well as the highest order of security awareness, you must only hire experienced security teams in order to provide security for shopping malls.

Let us find out how to improve shopping mall security and create an atmosphere of world-class security services in India.


Security teams can vary greatly depending upon the nature of the job.

There are different types of security teams having different types of experience and skillsets.

If you are to secure a mall then you need certain types of security guards who are experienced in mall security.

These security guards must have a few important skills which will distinguish them from other security teams who are working in isolation or in other environments.

One of the most important things that we must keep in mind is that a mall is a place with a huge footfall of people and with people comes people to people relations.

A security guard hired to protect the mall must therefore have excellent public interaction skillset so that whenever there is a problem they can establish reliable communication with the public in order to solve the issue.

A security guard hired for mall protection must also be compassionate and understanding because most of the problems related to security may arise wherein the security teams need to be understanding of the situation.

They must also have an extreme level of security awareness because there are a lot of moving targets of focus in a shopping mall and therefore the work becomes even tougher for security guards.


As we said in the previous point, there are different types of scenarios and according to these scenarios different types of security guards with different levels of experience must be hired.

When it comes to mall security you must always hire a security team with a keen knowledge of technology.

These security guard teams working in malls must be skilled enough so that they can run any surveillance system smoothly.  Along with that, they must also have thetechnological know-how to deploy certain technologies for threat identification and threat prevention.

From the use of complex communication devices that signal between the different members of the security team to using various sensors and other surveillance equipment so that any malicious activities might be identified before it is committed.

Speaking of technology, we must also keep one thing in mind and this is the same thing that we mentioned in the previous point.  A mall is a public place.  The security teams must not rely heavily on technology because technologies can break down and sometimes tech cannot assess people’s issues properly.

The security teams therefore must have a combination of human security assessment and Technology solutions and have them work in unison you’re noted to provide a secure environment in a mall.


The biggest security concern for a mall is public footfall.  There may be times when they are very few people visiting the malls because it is a work day and not a weekend.

There maybe situations where the footfall increases by 10 fold because it is a weekend or even 100 fold because it is a festival season and the security team, must always be ready to handle that level of increased visitor footfall whenever need be.

They must be ready to keep security in check whenever there is less footfall and they must be able to compensate for high footfall whenever there are more people visiting the mall.


Providing security to any public place is a balancing act and let us explain what we mean by this.

The best security can be provided whenever the security team has full control of any situation and full control means restriction of movement and people.

However, we are talking in the context of a mall where restrictions for people would simply mean less business for the mall. Since public footfall is the sole reason why malls exist and keeps businesses flowing, the security teams must never be too restrictive to the visitors.

They must know the boundary between creating a safe and secure environment and letting people enjoy their experience in the mall.

Only the most experienced teamsknow how to create this secure parameter around a mall and also not infringe on the experience of the people who are visiting.

Speaking of perimeter establishment, they must also be experts in creating parameters and establishing them whenever any celebrity or other important person visits the mall.

Providing security is one thing and providing security to any important person is another and they must make sure that this important person stays secured at all times because their experience can be quite important to the success of the mall’s business and reputation.


A mall is a flashy place and a mall is designed in a glamorous way specifically so that it might attract the attention of people.

However, this glamour can have a negative effect on the minds of the security personnel as they might get carried off in the pomp and splendour of working in a mall and its glamorous environment.

Therefore, the security team must always be in the right mind and this is achieved through excellent screening of employees as well as experience.

Therefore, mall security teams are professionals who are experienced in working in this challenging environment and know how to keep their attention on the task no matter what is happening around them.

There are quite a number of similarities between mall security and stadium security as in both the scenarios a lot is happening at a given point but the security teams must always remain focused on that job.

These were a few of the tips that you can use to improve the security of a mall.  The security of a mall is quite different to providing security in a different place like an ATM or a building.  We understand this because we are DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd, India’s fastest growing Security Guard Agency.  We are the fastest growing facility management company simply for the fact that we provide a whole host of important facility management services and that includes the finest mall security teams and mall security systems in the market.  Our security systems are capable enough to provide security for any sized mall from mega-malls to small and regional malls.  Along with the security services we also provide other management services which you can check out by visiting our website.