May 26, 2024
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How to get admission in top AME colleges in India?

How to get admission in top AME colleges in India?

An internationally recognised licence programme in aircraft modification, repair, maintenance, testing, and problem-solving is called Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). Before taking the aircraft off the ground, permission from a qualified aircraft maintenance engineer is required. A reliable AME will guarantee that the aircraft is in fit-for-flight condition. One indication of aviation’s advancement is the phenomenal expansion in passenger traffic. The time is right for candidates who are motivated to pursue employment in the aviation sector. The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), an agency of the Indian government, has generally approved the institutions in India that are offering this course.

What are the criteria for admission in this course?

Earning a diploma OR passing the 10+2 exam with a concentration in Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics (Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical and Aeronautical)

The minimum age is 16 at the time of entry.

A Registered Medical Practitioner’s certificate of fitness for duty.

Applicants who have degrees in mechanical, electrical, or electronic engineering are also encouraged to apply.

confirmation of the publicly funded, open school board’s 10+2 results

Aadhaar Card and passport

What are the technical skills expected of an AME?

The ability to learn quickly is crucial for aeronautical engineering since technology is essential to the future development of the nation or the planet. There are various technologies used in aeronautics for safety, security, etc. aircraft that fly on their own, in-flight communication via satellite, Zero-emission aeroplanes, monitoring the health of structures, smart automation, and blockchain, modern methods of space propulsion, increased aviation industry network security, aviation artificial intelligence aeroplane powered by electricity, hypersonic jet engines, flying vehicles, facial scanning technology for tickets autonomous vehicles and robots, Internet safety, etc.

How long does the AME course last, and what is the structure of the course?

The AME course must be finished in 800 hours of theoretical and practical teaching at DGCA-approved AME colleges in India to meet regulatory requirements. A DGCA test is given after this instruction. The ten modules, or aviation courses, that make up this coursework address the fundamentals of aircraft maintenance engineering. The relevant modules, whose training has been completed by the same institutions, are examined three times a year by the Central Examination Office of the DGCA utilising computer-based multiple-choice questions. Category B, which also includes personnel who certify in aviation repair, includes base maintenance AME engineers. The AME mechanical and AME avionics streams make up the two categories and four subcategories that make up the Category B aircraft maintenance licence scope.

Conclusion: To get admission and to study Aircraft Maintenance engineering is not an easy task. One is required to fulfil all the eligibility criteria put forward, be it educational criteria or interpersonal skills. The course provides good packages and a comfortable lifestyle for the aspirants; it has good working hours and various opportunities for one to grow. One needs to give entrance exams after qualifying the criteria and look for a college that is comfortable for them.

Which is the best college for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

The best colleges for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering are those that offer great amenities, placement, quality education, etc. The DGCA, the Government of India, can approve Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges in India.

How can I get admission to AME?

The candidate can get admission to AME through the AME CEE, a national-level common entrance examination. Aside from admission, they also provide meritorious candidates with up to 100% scholarships.