July 23, 2024

How to complete missions on PUBG


PUBG is the most popular game of all time. On the PUBG mobile, there are so many different types of titles used. These are weapons, master, well like, overachiever, warehouse, partner title, and much more. Amidst so many titles, the one title that everyone fights for is the mission title. Whether a novice player or expert player, it’s the dream of everyone to win this title. Since missions is new additions to PUBG, there were introduced in the game with the latest updates.

This earned it high popularity. These new missions let the players get a new experience. With every mission completed, you are rewarded greatly. All the reason more why, people want to try the new update and want to complete mission on PUBG. Find out everything you should about PUBG mission, the new update.

What are missions on PUBG?

Mission on PUBG were introduced with a latest update. If you as a player manage to complete a mission, you will able to earn rewards. There are different types of missions that one can find by clicking on the mission tab in the right-hand area of the main menu. This menu shall bring up a menu wherein one can see the current rewards that they have won. On missions’ option one can also get to see daily, normal, sanhok and weekly missions.

Dropdowns available there will test the various details available. One is also able to see how much they are rewarded there. Keeping in mind that one needs to claim any of the rewards that they unlock, they can continue playing and winning more. Redeem and reclaim your rewards once you are done.  However, you must be thinking, what is the use of doing such missions? Well with the new system introduced by PUBG, one can do missions to unlock rewards and skin and other items.

How can I do missions?

These items have range from like additional BP, clothing items, BP boosters, and many other assorted things that shall help you in the battle to be the last person in battlegrounds. Mission therefore also has different ranges. No two mission are similar to each other. Some have the task of getting specific kills, while some have melee kills and the others will charge you with traveling some distance in specific vehicles.

Whether you do missions to earn rewards or do them to have fun and thrill, its up to you. in players unknown battle grounds there are so many possibilities that one can explore. With new missions, rekindle your spark every time and pick from the PUBG premium event pass, which will help you earn rewards. Some premium items will for sure add to your collections and glorify your PUBG wardrobe.


Players unknown battlegrounds, also known as PUBG is a fun game with lots of thrills and fun. To add more to it, with its latest update one can complete missions on PUBG. Complete the missions and earn rewards, its that simple and easy! With PUBG, experience the impeccable gaming battleground!