June 17, 2024
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How Studying in UK Changes Life of International Students


The UK has always been a country I wanted to visit. I remember being completely smitten by the UK and dreaming of going there someday. Now, years later I am studying in the UK, pursuing my Masters’s in Business Administration from the University of Manchester.

Though I love the country, moving into a foreign land is never the easiest decision to make; one has to take into account every pro and con involved with the decision. Coming from a small town in India, I was told my dreams were too big. My resolve and determination were the wind beneath my wings. I studied hard, secured good grades, and was took steps to make my dream a reality.

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My experience with an overseas education firm

I began shortlisting universities and gathered as much course information as I could from university websites. However, as I threaded ahead in the journey I realized that the process of applying to a university is a cumbersome and tiresome task. After a lot of consideration and though, I placed my trust with Envision Overseas, and let the experts handle my candidature.

Counselling, Finance, Visa

  • I knew that I wanted to study in the UK. What I was unsure of was the university and course that best suited my interest.
  • Envision’s counsellors gave me a call no sooner did I fill the enquiry form on their website.
  • The counsellor went through each step, ensuring that I understood the process thoroughly.
  • After a thorough profile evaluation, we discussed in detail the different universities where I could be admitted.
  • The counsellor suggested a few universities with courses that cover my area of interest
  • Work possibilities on graduation, accommodation, visa, scholarships and financial advice, and others were discussed in detail.
  • I had several conversations with the expert. By the end of our interaction I had answers to all my questions.

IELTS, Application, Offer Letter

  • I gathered the necessary documents, SOP, LORs, and other perquisites required to complete my application.
  • Envision filled out the university application form to the universities I shortlisted. No deadline was missed.
  • No sooner was my application filled, I prepared for the IELTS examination. I gave my IELTS 4 months before the commencement of my class.
  • I received my Conditional offer letter in May. The offer letter stated that I secure a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 for the offer to materialize.
  • I secured a 7 band in my IELTS.
  • The next step was then to provide proof and arrange funds. I applied for a student loan in June, and not long after, the loan was granted.

I would have to admit, the thought of calling a new country my home engulfed me with overwhelming fear. Is this the right decision? How will I manage by myself? Will I secure a well-paying job? Is it worth it? But as I began to realize that comfort of my homeland and fear of the unknown will never let me become the person I want; success comes at the end of fear.

How Studying In The UK Changed My Life For The Better?

 There are many reasons I can pick to have attributed towards making my stay in the UK fruitful.

  • But if I were to sum it in a few words, I would say the UK gave me an understating of who I am as a person.
  • I addition to top class education, lively cities, culture, opportunities, nature, and the change to study alongside people from over 180 countries; the UK made me independent and more responsible.


  • Cushioned responsibilities back home made it difficult to deal with the uncertainties of a foreign land.
  • Adjusting and settling took time, and like everything new, it was difficult!
  • With time, I learned to take care of myself, shoulder responsibilities, was able to manage college and house chores, prepare and adhere to a weekly budget, check my expenses, and even cook my own food.
  • The UK was forgiving of my mistakes. With the support of great friends both Indian and foreign I was able to learn and emerge as a better person.

Language Skills

  • What better place to better my English in than in the UK. I was forced to converse in English, and before you know I grew more confident in the language.
  • Woking part-time helped me better my communication skills, while giving me a taste of the working environment in the UK.
  • All-in-all, I grew more fluent and confident in the language, and this helped greatly in academics as well.

 International students

  • Back at home, there never arose a possibility of interacting with international residents. The little in knew about others cultures was through movies, series and the web.
  • Meeting and interacting with students from different countries introduced me to fresh perspectives. I befriended and had the opportunity to interact with students form the US, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Pakistan, among other countries.
  • It was an enriching experience to learn about their cultures, perspectives, food, and more.
  • In the process I developed a holistic mind-set. I introduced these different perspectives in classwork and my internship.
  • I am certain that this learning will take me a long way in making more informed and mindful decisions though my employment. The experience has helped me evolve professionally and personally.