June 17, 2024

How much does commercial playground equipment cost?

How much does commercial playground equipment cost?

Playgrounds are essential for recreation. They give kids and adults somewhere to release all that pent-up power whilst spicing up their outdoors enjoy. But before building a playground, you’ll need to keep in mind some factors including price range, the distance you need to work with, and if the playground is for community or personal use. Additionally, decide if you’ll DIY or hire professionals, plus look at protection and permits. All these carry you to invite some questions.

What will be the cost of building a playground for commercial?

What does the average playset installation cost?

I will answer all these questions in this post.


The common cost of commercial playground gadgets is often calculated in step with the child. Area planners advise $1,000 in step with child. If you anticipate ten children on the playground simultaneously, the value would be $10,000.

Commercial outlets hosting more than 100 children could end up spending $150,000+.  Such retailers can also need inclusive/on-hand functions and custom designs. Schools with larger playgrounds and more kids using the device concurrently can also pay even greater.

Commercial playgrounds and homeowners association playgrounds are smaller and feature fewer customers in keeping with a consultation. Fees will depend on the features you need to consist of in the park. Each playground has specific desires, so all figures are subjective.

The equipment will take up a vast part of the playground’s finances, so starting with a budgeted plan is vital. Setting the finances starts offevolved with outlining the whole thing wished for the playground. The variety of adventures you want the users to have an even impact charges.

Per Square Meter Prices

Another factor to consider is the size of the play area in the room. The average cost per square meter for indoor playgrounds of two-level structures can reach between $ 90 to $ 110 per square meter, while the average cost of three-level structural playground equipment can be valued at a price of $ 180 to $ 230 per square meter. However, if you aim to play a playground in a multi-level room, the cost is definitely more expensive, for $ 400 for one square meter.

Playground Budget Cost Breakdown


Commercial Playground equipment is usually the largest path item with a playground budget. Consider high-quality products from leading manufacturers to ensure playgrounds will last several decades, not for years. The playground system that is made well will contribute 50-60% of your total budget.

Playground installation

About 20-35% of your playground budget will be spent on installation. It is important to use certified installers to ensure equipment is installed correctly and in accordance with national standards. You can save money on this step by asking your playground providers to help volunteers or community development. In this scenario, certified installers are ready to train and help volunteers.

Prepare the site

Most of the playground budget will be spent preparing sites for installation. If you remove the old playground or require a lot of assessment that moves on earth or sites, this can be a significant cost. You also need to budget things like drainage, the surface of the playground, landscape, or fence.

Shipping costs

Depending on your site, and the distance from the manufacturer, your shipping and shipping fees can take 5-15% of your budget. Talk to your playground planner about the cost of shipping earlier in the process so that you can plan it.

Transportation and tax

You also have to allocate a budget for this so that one step closer to opening an indoor playground. Often, the final price is tax and shipping can take up to 15% of the total price depends on the country.

Playing is an important activity for children when growing up, especially when they are young. The benefits are targeting social, physical, and emotional welfare assistance in how they can adapt to their environment when they grow up. And during the rain or bright, the in-room playground can meet the endless energy that children have every day. Buying commercial playground equipment for your playground is an investment and should be ordered from a trusted manufacturer, and Carolina Recreation and Design has over two decades in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality durable equipment.