July 23, 2024
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How Do You Cool Your Swimming Pool Water Temperature?

Swimming Pool

Summer heatwaves can be relentless no matter where you live, but having a swimming pool in your backyard can significantly enhance your summer experience.

If you’re considering swimming pool construction to beat the heat, think about incorporating features like fountains or water coolers to keep your pool refreshing and enjoyable.

However, if your pool water feels lukewarm, it’s time to address the water temperature issue.

After all, you don’t want to keep it cool, but you want your pool to stay cool.

When the pool temperature is too high, it is not refreshing, and you may not enjoy your swim time. So, how do you keep your pool water comfortable for swimming in the summer?

If you want to cool your pool water in summer, you can rely on a good old-fashioned pool maintenance idea. Consider making some waves and getting the water moving.

Expose it more to the air, and the suitable time to do it is during the night. It is when the temperature is extremely lower as compared to the daytime.

You can do so by running a pump or letting the pool coolers or fountains stay ON all night.

Here are some great ideas to keep the pool cool during the summer –

Install a water feature.

When you run water features such as water fountains, a certain amount of water evaporates. During water evaporation, a degree of heat gets drawn out of the water. You can run the fountain at night if you want a more cooling effect in your fiberglass inground pool.

Run the pool filters during the night.

You can moderately lower the water temperature by running the filters during the night when the air temperature is extremely low, and the pipes are cooler.

Go with a reverse-cycle heat pump.

A heat pump can make the water hot. So, choosing a reverse cycle heat pump can cool the water effectively. You just need to flip the switch. Then the water will move from the heat pumps and become cold instead of heating up.

Consider a white pool cover.

Pool covers are usually used for a few reasons. First, they provide safety to the pools from outside dust or debris. Further, these can help raise the pool water temperature.

A reflective white pool cover can keep the water temperature much stable. It can prevent the water from heating up continuously. So, when you are not using the pool, cover it up nicely during the day or night.

Remember the routine maintenance.

It is essential to maintain the pool water chemistry levels. It is even essential during the summer days.

When you have warm temperatures and more sunlight, algae can become an uninvited guest.

Additionally, summers give an invitation to the bugs and debris. It can make the water cloudy and even create more burden on your filters. Always go with the ways to keep your pools healthy and safe when you consider fiberglass pool installation.