June 17, 2024

Drive-In Style: 5 Creative Ways To Utilize A Car Tent For Maximum Convenience

Drive-In Style: 5 Creative Ways To Utilize A Car Tent For Maximum Convenience

Everyone loves to travel! No one is my response to that question. The majority of us can’t help but yearn to see more of this vast continent. Taking in the beauty of nature can be a part-time hobby or a lifelong passion.

We value experiencing the outdoors in our vehicles and enjoying the flavors that nature has to offer. For those in this category, an outside automobile awning might be a lifesaver when camping.

In case you were wondering, a car awning is essentially a sunshade that attaches to the top of your vehicle and stays there while it’s not in use. When you place this shader on your automobile, you can cover more ground than before. Several of the uses outlined in this article are now feasible.

Watching Movies in the Great Outdoors

If you have a car tent on your automobile, one of the most significant ways to use it is to set up a movie plan. If you have high-quality gear, you may have a cinematic experience that rivals any movie theater. You will need a few things, some of which are:

  • Screen for projecting
  • Visualization device
  • A top-notch sound system
  • Stylish seats
  • Nighttime illumination.

Before you can set up, make sure the tent is out. Make sure everything is in its proper location for a perfect cinematic atmosphere. Nevertheless, it is crucial to thoroughly research the weather conditions for that day. Going to the movies outside on a wet or windy day is not a good idea.

Install an awning over the tent.

Another option to create a dark, den-like atmosphere is to use a sarong or a worn-out sheet to serve as an awning to provide some cool shade.

Plus, a wind chime is a great way to brighten those drowsy summer days. Moreover, try covering your camping chairs with sheets, throws, and cushions to make them more visually appealing outside your tent.

If you’d rather unwind in luxury, you may scatter cushions and beanbags outside the tent beneath your shelter and spread a blanket over it.

Make It Fluffy

Even if you’re camping, it doesn’t mean you have to squat on unflattering surfaces all night.

Bring an inflatable sleeping mat if you’re going hiking. In addition to making the night more bearable, it will also act as an extra barrier between you and the chilly floor.

There is no shame in taking an air mattress if weight and space are not concerns! You may inflate it using either a manual or battery-powered pump, regardless of how far away your campground is.

You may also get thinner air mattresses that are easy to fill without a pump; they are somewhere in the middle of the size spectrum between a regular mattress and a sleeping pad. The only thing you’d require is air to breathe!

Mount a Basket for Storage

Although they serve a utilitarian purpose, camping goods packed into plastic crates detract from the glamping-worthy quality of your tent.

A huge wicker basket draped about the tent. However, it may serve dual use and look lovely as you store your cooking utensils.

You may also get it reasonably priced at secondhand stores. You may line the plastic boxes with beautiful paper wrapping if you’re reluctant to eliminate them.

Light It Up

Night falls on campsites! Before you think about setting up your car tent, ensure that there is enough light for a comfortable stay inside.

One great thing about lanterns is the diversity of sizes and types they come in. They can illuminate your entire tent in the dark, much like a ceiling light in your house.

For targeted illumination, headlamps are ideal. Although they illuminate a smaller area, it is always precisely where you are looking. Better still, you won’t need to use both hands!

What to bring while exploring ways to utilize a car tent

There’s no excuse not to bring all of your essentials on a camping trip, especially given the extra space your car provides. The ten necessities for a camping trip are necessary regardless of whether you have access to a vehicle in an emergency. Include them in your travel plans and anything else you want or desire. Use the room you’re providing yourself to your advantage.

Personal gear

It is wise to bring your equipment at all times. Things that will enhance your convenience and safety are part of this. It is prudent to constantly own fire starters, flashlights, pocketknives, and rain gear.

Thanks to your enhanced load capacity, you may now afford a roomier, more luxurious tent. The fact that tents aren’t primarily light is another perk. You can acquire the size you require without sacrificing weight, which is a good thing because lighter gear usually costs more.


You should wear a hat or other sun protection measure when you’re out in nature. More than “sunscreen” or “a big hat” may be required if you want to spend most of your vacation at a campground.

A light shelter might be a good option if you want shade from the elements. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a tent but a lightweight canopy designed to shield you from the weather as you enjoy a picnic, gazing at the mountains, or lounging on the beach.

 Sleeping bags

If you can have a good night’s sleep in complete comfort, that’s what you should do. You can purchase the largest and coziest mattress because pack weight isn’t a concern. Your bank account will be grateful as well.

Outdoor kitchen utilities

Preparing delicious meals while vehicle camping is a highlight. Concerns about hiking won’t limit you. Feel free to bring any size burner or grill you choose. Having the ability to store things like margarine in a cooler makes it easier to make the meals you desire when you want them, rather than worrying about the distance you can travel before your supplies run out.

In the end!

Camping is about enjoying nature, so your tent should serve more than just that purpose. Camping might already seem like the fulfilling getaway you’ve been dreaming of, but it can look much better with a little imagination and some creative decking out.

With all these options, you may finally put your spin on decorating a camping tent. So, let your imagination go wild, make a detailed itinerary, and go glamping!