May 26, 2024
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Aeronautical Engineering Vs Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Many students nowadays choose their career option as aeronautical engineering or aerospace engineering, but many of them don’t have the proper knowledge and land on the wrong choice. Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering both are suitable irrespective of their gender. The sole requirement is that candidate must be good at mathematics

Aerospace Engineering is broader and aeronautical engineering is a narrow option. Aerospace Engineers mainly develop different kinds of technologies in aviation, defense systems, and aircraft. Aerospace engineers contribute to both aircraft and spacecraft. The subjects that students will study in Aeronautical Engineering are Spacecraft Design, Spacecraft Dynamics, and Orbital Mechanics. Aeronautical engineers study aircraft that operate within the earth’s atmosphere. Aeronautical engineers focus on designing aircraft, and airplanes, and they study subjects such as Aircraft structures, Thermodynamics, and Flight Mechanics. Aeronautical Engineers deal with the design and creation of airplanes and missiles.

Advanced option with Global exposure

If the student is looking for any advanced option with Global Exposure, then pursue aerospace engineering because it requires a high level of expertise and gives students a flourishing career. Students pursuing Aerospace Engineering will enhance their knowledge in aeronautics and astronautics both. In India, opportunities for aeronautical and aerospace engineers, both are available but if someone is looking for global exposure, then one can go with aerospace engineering. Immense opportunities for aerospace engineers in different countries including the United States of America, and UK, France, and Germany.

Who earns more salary – Aeronautical Engineers or Aerospace Engineers?

The average salary of Aeronautical Engineering lies between 5-11 Lakhs per annum for fresher, whereas fresher Aerospace Engineers earn between 6-12 Lakhs per annum, and it depends on the caliber of students. Overall salary will vary and depends on the skills and expertise of students in their profession.

Required Skill Set

Aeronautical Engineers require different skill sets as compared to aerospace engineers. Speed, accuracy, the ability to take responsibility, and alertness with the presence of mind are a few skills that should be present in every aeronautical engineer. Aerospace engineers must have outstanding academic science backgrounds and strong mathematical as well as reasoning and analytical skills. They must have the ability to work beyond and for long hours.

Eligibility Criteria

For aeronautical Engineering, students have to opt for a 4-year course. Students must have 70-75% marks overall in Class 12th PCM, they must have given AME CEE exam which is essential for their admission. For Aerospace engineering, the minimum should have 60% marks in Science Stream.

Job duties and responsibilities

Aeronautical Engineers have to assist and investigate aircraft accidents, address the environmental impact of air travel, developed advanced technologies for satellites and space shuttles, test aircraft, designing airplanes and missiles.

Aerospace Engineers check the technical and financial feasibility of each aircraft project, check the safety measures of all the projects, test aerospace products, and develop sustainability.

Top Recruiters

Aeronautical Engineering

  • DRDO
  • ISRO
  • Indigo Airways
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
  • Jet Airways
  • Indian Airlines

Aerospace Engineering

  • Civil Aviation Department
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • ISRO
  • HAL
  • Naval Air Warfare Centre (NAWC)