April 13, 2024

10 Examples of Social Media Influencer Campaigns

10 Examples of Social Media Influencer Campaigns

The social media influencer market has been growing for the past few years. The market is not running dropping down, but instead, it is increasing the traffic day by day. However, social media influencer marketing is the best way to grow your business and promote it in every part of the world.

What does an influencer do?

Moreover, a social media influencer is one that has built a reputation in a particular field, has access to a large audience, and can encourage others to follow their advice. Although, influencer marketing is quickly growing to become a critical weapon in a company’s armory.

The influencer helps to share your product with their followers. Therefore, it increases the traffic to your site. If you have a social media presence and want to grow the traffic, watch out for some of the best social media influencer campaign examples for your organization:

Examples of Social Media Influencer Campaigns:

Our team has combined some of the best examples that can work for your social media platform. Stay with us till the end and know what to do:

MOZ’s Whiteboard Fridays:

This campaign is known as “whiteboard Friday”. Every Friday, some of the members of MOZ’s team give the idea of marketing on the whiteboard. They introduce both the audio and article versions of the guidance on their site. This campaign increases their trafficking because of unique content.

Let’s talk about how it works. One of the essential things about MOZ’s campaign is consistency. They post every Friday and break down the new concepts that help the audience to increase their site according to SEO. Moreover, this campaign helps the MOZ’s to reach 81,000 followers on their YouTube channel.

Tip: Consistency in posting content on your social media platform is a key to increasing your ranking.

Dunkin’ Donuts: #CharliXDunkinContest

Dunkin’ donuts is one of the largest growing brands. It uses the strategy of social media influencer marketing that helps them to reach millions of followers. For example, they sponsor Charli D’Amelio; the most followed Tik-Tok artist who posts a video of DD products.

How it works: she posts the videos ordering and drinking the drinks of Dunkin’ Donuts. Moreover, the hashtag used in this campaign was #CharliXDunkinContest, and this campaign helped Dunkin’ Donuts get 21.3 million likes and 3 million followers.

Tip: Sponsoring the most followed profile can lead you to millions of audiences. Millions of people will view your brand.

Microsoft’s #MakeWhatsNext:

Microsoft introduces this campaign in honor of Women International Day. In this campaign, they released a video that showcases the power and worth of women in Science and technology. Engineering and Maths. Thus, this campaign helps promote the value of women in science-related fields.

It works, and Microsoft earns 14 million views. Afterwards, Microsoft posted this kind of video under the hashtag #MakeWhatsNext and gained 55,000 views on its own.

Tip: project your business in a way that touches the audience’s heart. The emotional connection is beneficial for your brand.

The Little Plantation and DeeMuesli:

DeeMuseli is a company that sells muesli. However, the company hires the social media influencer Kimberly Espinel. She posted the cooking video by using the product of DeeMuseli, which helped DeeMuseli increase its sales. Even though it was just a cooking video, because of the authenticity, it spread all around.

The campaign worked because it was not the advertisement or the promotion videos but the authenticity of the content. Kimberly Espinel cooks the food using the product and gives the reviews accordingly, and it helps the viewer trust the DeeMuseli product.

Tip: choose the social media influencer that people trust. The influencer will help the audience trust your product and brand.

Tweet Bra Campaign:

This is a Twitter campaign that encourages Breast cancer awareness. However, it pops up in a notification bar to notify the women of self-examination.

This campaign works because many women visit to complete their daily exams.

Tip: use a push notification option to bring the audience’s attention.

Charmin: Sit or Squat App

Charmin introduces the #SitorSquat App campaign that helps users find neat and clean toilets in their nearest location. For instance, if someone is on vacation, this will help them relax and not worry about finding the toilets.

The #SitorSquat campaign works because it helps to solve their everyday problem.

Tip: Try to solve the problem of your user.

Levi’s: “Buy Better, Wear Longer”:

Levi’s combines singers and actors and starts the campaign #buybetterwearlonger. It helps them raise awareness of Levi’s products. The campaign encourages people to buy second-hand but quality materials. The campaign was passed on by Chamerian, who have 11 million subscribers on YouTube. Moreover, Smith also joined this campaign, and he has 17.5 million followers on Instagram.

This campaign helps to provide mindful consumption for the planet plus the products of Levi’s.

Tip: Give the people a view about the usefulness of your product. Moreover, they assure the quality of your products.

RYU: One More Rep for Mental Health:

RYU is an athletic clothing brand. They started a campaign called “One More Rep for Mental Health”, which motivates people to perform physical activities and record them. RYU donated to the Mental health organizations for every activity filmed. It increases the flow of RYU on social media.

It raises the sales of the RYU products, and it gives awareness to people about mental health.

Tip: understand the audience and post the content that drives them to use or post about your brand.

Subaru’s #MeetAnOwner:

The campaign Subaru’s #MeetAnOwner motivates the influencer to shoot the Impreza in a different location. One of the YouTube content creators, Devin Graham, with 5 million followers, posted the video of taking turns on a slip with a parachute.

It helps the followers to trust the brand and increase the growth of Subaru’s

Tip: Attract the audience’s attention with emotion, not with the facts and figures.

Swissper: Sleep Naked:

As mentioned by book editors near me,  swissper is a cotton brand that encourages beauty influencers to post their selfies without makeup. Moreover, celebrities like Drew Barrymore, and Taylor Swift posted selfies without makeup without any consideration.

It helps the Swissper to reach their targeted audience without even sponsoring.

Tip:don’t waste money on the influencer if your product makes sense.

Benefits of influencers:

Moreover, let’s talk about some of the benefits of Social Media influencers.

  • Build the trust
  • Spread the awareness
  • Increase sales and purchase
  • Save time
  • Raise SEO


With the growing age of social media. Understanding the benefits of Influencer marketing is necessary for the brand to spread the awareness of their business worldwide. Understanding how to do the campaign above example will help you according to your brand needs.